Committed to fairness, bravery, and integrity, Paige is intrinsic to the culture of Antunes Lawyers fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility amongst team members which encourages Antunes Lawyers staff to strive for excellence and deliver high-quality legal services in all aspects of the firm’s legal practice. Paige’s passion is to create a workplace culture where individuals have a positive employee experience and can grow and develop in their professional careers.

Prior to joining Antunes Lawyers, Paige spent 14 years in key roles across various law firms in New South Wales and Queensland. Having people leadership experience in law firms across different practice areas, Paige joined Antunes Lawyers keen to nourish the careers of its dedicated and passionate lawyers.

Constantly learning, evolving, developing, and enhancing new and existing workplace practices, Paige is determined to implement sustainable people management practices founded on strong fundamentals. The investment in people, processes, and products underpins the success of Antunes Lawyers, and Paige plays a fundamental role in the strategic deployment of effective people and practice management. With a desire to build a strong foundation for Antunes Lawyers and create an environment where the staff are empowered to grow, excel, and develop their careers, embracing simplicity and transparency Paige thinks innovatively and challenges conventions.

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