As you will all be aware, the recent outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted the world on a significant scale and continues to feature heavily in headline news, with recommendations and updates continually changing as more details of this infection become known.

Antunes Lawyers is determined to protect the health, wellbeing and safety of our people, our clients and the broader community while managing the impact Novel Coronavirus is having on business and our society as a whole.

We have committed to taking precautionary measures by introducing new working arrangements for our people and throughout our office, including requiring our people to work remotely until further notice, unless it is absolutely essential to attend the office for client matters.

Whilst these changes are being implemented at Antunes Lawyers, we will continue to stay informed with respect to Novel Coronavirus and help our people and clients protect their interests during these very unusual circumstances.

What this means for our clients

  • Antunes Lawyers will continue to operate and provide our services to clients without disruption. While some of us may be working remotely, we are committed to supporting you and your interests and maintaining our high level of care, courage and knowing at all times.
  • Face-to-face client meetings will only be arranged on an essential basis while the community is practicing safe social distancing and limiting physical interactions in confined spaces.
  • We understand and appreciate that our clients will be affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and will endeavour to reflect this in our professional fees.

Supporting you and your interests

We are committed to being proactive with respect to the social, economic and political impacts of COVID-19 on our community and implore you to consider your current situation and prepare for any future actions which may be necessary as the outbreak progresses.

We are dedicated to ensuring that you and your business are capable of responding to the significant disruptions caused by this outbreak.

We are mindful that you or your business may be confronted by a number of issues, including but not limited to:

  • employer/employee issues relating to leave and flexible work practices;
  • business continuity issues subsisting in your agreements and policies;
  • contingency strategies to manage operating costs and protect your business in the long term; and
  • landlord/tenant issues relating to relief, reporting obligations, rent abatement or reduction and business interruption.
  • Our team is committed to assisting our clients through these unprecedented times. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you or your business has been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak as we will continue to assist and advise our clients in relation to the outbreak and their personal and professional interests.

Best wishes to you, your families and your colleagues in these challenging times.


Margaret Antunes
Senior Partner

Tim Arvanitis

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