Amending a trust is a delicate task that requires experienced hands. Antunes Lawyers can amend trust deeds with care so that you can avoid the potential of a costly resettlement.

When the time comes to amend a trust deed, attention to detail is paramount. Our lawyers will cross-check any proposed amendment to ensure that your new trust deed is watertight.

Before you take the step to amend your trust deed, it’s important to evaluate the pros and cons. A few circumstances where it might be appropriate to amend a deed include planning for the succession of the appointer, changing the trustee, or removing foreign individuals from the class of beneficiaries (if the trust owns real estate) to avoid additional taxes.

Our lawyers can assist you in making the decision to amend your deed and draft a new deed that protects your best interests. Incorrectly amending a trust deed can lead to resettlement or cause the trust to be vested, which can trigger significant additional taxes and stamp duty, so it’s worth having a lawyer that you can rely on to avoid mistakes.

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When it comes to trusts, you can count on Antunes Lawyers. Our team will ensure that your assets are protected.

Trusts are incredibly effective at protecting assets, but only if they’re carefully drafted. Establishing a trust without careful consideration could leave your assets more vulnerable than before or lead to unexpected taxes.

Our team can help you to determine what kind of trust best suits your needs, draft trust deeds, amend or wind up existing trusts, advise trustees on their obligations and duties, and assist beneficiaries in exercising their rights. When it comes to all things trusts, look no further than Antunes Lawyers.


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