Trusts are designed to protect your assets from potential outside threats, but a poorly drafted deed could leave your assets vulnerable. Our lawyers can make sure that your trust won’t be busted.

With new laws that extend the power of the Family Court to ‘bust trusts’, it’s more important than ever to seek out legal advice and confirm that your trust is safe.

The term ‘trust busting’ is most commonly associated with the idea of governments stepping in to break up monopolies and trusts. Traditionally, discretionary trusts designed for personal use have not been subject to ‘trust busting’ and have been an effective tool to protect your assets during relationship property settlements or in circumstances where you become bankrupt.

However, new laws in Australia have extended powers of the Family Court to assess trusts during relationship disputes and your assets may be at risk from claims by former partners or other creditors. Our lawyers can review your existing trust, or draft a bespoke trust deed for you that will mitigate the risks of your trust being deemed a ‘sham’ by the courts and more sufficiently protect your important assets.

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When it comes to trusts, you can count on Antunes Lawyers. Our team will ensure that your assets are protected.

Trusts are incredibly effective at protecting assets, but only if they’re carefully drafted. Establishing a trust without careful consideration could leave your assets more vulnerable than before or lead to unexpected taxes.

Our team can help you to determine what kind of trust best suits your needs, draft trust deeds, amend or wind up existing trusts, advise trustees on their obligations and duties, and assist beneficiaries in exercising their rights. When it comes to all things trusts, look no further than Antunes Lawyers.


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