The Australian Banking and Financial Services sector is heavily regulated by authorities including: the Australian Securities & Investments Commission, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, Reserve Bank of Australia, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the Foreign Investment Review Board.

Appropriate and effective regulation promotes the stability, efficiency and equity of the financial services system. However, participants in the banking and financial services industry can find themselves overwhelmed by the significant amount of regulation. We help clients navigate the regulation. Our legal advice and services extend to compliance with:

  • Responsible lending obligations under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (National Credit Code);
  • Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act 1975 (FIRB);
  • Anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism regulations (AML/CTF);
  • Privacy Obligations;
  • Australian Financial Service Licence (AFSL); and
  • Fundraising and Disclosure under the Corporations Act.

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