If you apply for bankruptcy or a creditor makes you bankrupt, it normally ends 3 years and 1 day from the date on which you entered into bankruptcy.  An annulment is the cancellation of a bankruptcy.

If you want to cancel your bankruptcy, you need to contact our team of corporate and commercial lawyers who will help you understand the ways in which you can annul a bankruptcy and assist you in doing so.

The three ways you can annul a bankruptcy are by:

  1. Paying the debts in full: A bankruptcy can be annulled if the debts of a bankrupt have been satisfied in full.
  2. Arranging a composition: A composition is an offer to creditors which provides an alternate arrangement to satisfy any debts.
  3. Proving it in court: A bankrupt may apply to the court in order to set aside a bankruptcy, which will essential annul the bankruptcy.

Our team of corporate and commercial lawyers can assist you by providing you with an outcomes-based strategy and solution which:

  • Analyses your financial position and takes into account your circumstances;
  • Identifies the most appropriate options available to annual your bankruptcy;
  • Resolves any financial debts and obligations in order to correctly and legally annul your bankruptcy;
  • Structures the payment of your debts in a way that protects your interests;
  • Assist and advise in any arrangement of a composition for creditors with reference to your financial capabilities and circumstances;
  • Negotiate on your behalf with creditors in order to reach an alternate arrangement which satisfies outstanding debts;
  • Represent you in court to annual a bankruptcy;
  • Provide assistance in ensuring that you are complying with your financial obligations post-annulment of bankruptcy;
  • Restructuring your finances to avoid bankruptcy.

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