Bankruptcy provides protection to those who are not able to pay their debts as and when they fall due.

Despite this, bankruptcy can be a stressful period for both individual entering into bankruptcy and unsecured creditors of those individuals set to enter into bankruptcy.

Our team of bankruptcy lawyers act for trustees, creditors and debtors in matters concerning bankruptcy and appreciate the strain caused on each party when a person enters into bankruptcy.

This puts us in a unique position in which we can provide comprehensive advice for all parties effected by an individual entering into bankruptcy.

We assist our clients in understanding:

  1. The fundamentals of bankruptcy – the length of bankruptcy, a person’s eligibility for bankruptcy and the consequences of bankruptcy.
  2. Your rights and obligations in bankruptcy – There are differing rights and obligations for individuals, secured creditors or unsecured creditors, each of which have are severely impacted by a bankruptcy.
  3. How to apply for bankruptcy or trigger a bankruptcy – an individual can apply for bankruptcy by completing a debtor’s petition and statement of affairs and a creditor can trigger bankruptcy by serving a bankruptcy notice or statutory demand for payment.
  4. How to manage debt and avoid bankruptcy – this can be achieved by entering into a debt agreement or personal insolvency agreement.

We can assist by:

  • Advising in respect to bankruptcy;
  • Helping you restructure your personal affairs and finances to prevent and avoid bankruptcy;
  • Preparing debtor’s petitions, statements of affairs, bankruptcy notices and statutory demands for payment;
  • Enforcing retention of title clauses and security interests;
  • Facilitating a commercial resolution through informal and formal negotiation; and
  • Managing debt recovery processes through our unique and automated debt recovery facility so that you don’t need to engage lawyers to chase down future debts.

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