Companies that are both solvent and insolvent can be wound up in a number of ways. If you are a director, a secured creditor or an unsecured creditor of a company and wish to wind up the company or have been served with a winding up application for your company, contact our team of corporate insolvency specialists who can help you understand:

  1. Whether the company is solvent or insolvent;
  2. Methods for winding up a solvent company;
  3. Methods for winding up an insolvent company;
  4. Whether the director of the company is personally liable;
  5. Your rights and obligations in corporate insolvency; and
  6. Appropriate insolvency arrangements to wind up a company.

Our team of corporate insolvency specialists work closely with liquidators and receivers and will approach your corporate insolvency matter in a client friendly, outcomes-based and timely manner.

We appreciate that the decision to wind up a company is not one that is made lightly as it can have a severe impact on a company, director, creditors and related parties.

How we help directors

If you are a director that wants to wind up your company, contact Antunes Lawyers so that we can:

  • Determine whether your company is insolvent;
  • Advise you in respect to the methods for winding up the company;
  • Review and analyse the financial obligations and conduct of the company;
  • Identify any risks of winding up the company;
  • Propose a business or financial restructure to prevent or mitigate the winding up of future companies;
  • Respond to allegations concerning breaches of directors duties; and
  • Represent you in bringing or defending a claim in a court or tribunal.

How we help creditors

If you are a creditor that wants to wind up a company, contact Antunes Lawyers so that we can:

  • Reviewing and analysing the facts and circumstances surrounding your matter and advising as to the best methods to recover any outstanding monies or wind up a company;
  • Determine whether the director of the company has breached their directors duties;
  • Enforcing any registered security interests as a secured creditor;
  • Facilitating a commercial resolution through informal and formal negotiation; and
  • Assist you manage your debt recovery process through our unique and automated debt recovery facility so that you don’t need to engage lawyers to chase down future debts.

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