Many of us are members of numerous clubs and associations. The benefits membership provides are part of our lifestyle. For some people, it is a very significant part of their life and they often choose to be involved on the committee.

Our experience tells us that sometimes clubs and associations can and do take actions which can seriously affect the membership and standing of a member. A Committee may move to suspend or expel a member. Or it could be that a member or group of members are concerned that the Committee is not doing its job or, worse, that there is some impropriety, and wishes to challenge the actions of the Committee. This is when things start to get serious. It could mean that a member is suspended or expelled and it is not unusual for a number of defamation actions to arise in these situations.

For every concern around a Club and Association there is a right way and a wrong way of dealing with the issues.  We can advise you on proper procedure.  Our experienced lawyers are trained in making sure that any concerns, whether it be of a member, or group of members, or of a Committee, is handled the right way, so that an optimal result is obtained without any unintended consequences.

We are experts in the law of meetings and are able to advise and educate you on procedures, tactics and strategies at meetings to assist in achieving your desired outcomes.

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