Consumer claims are guided by the Australian Consumer Law, the Fair Trading Act 1987 and the Sales of Goods Act 1923. A consumer claim can arise out of the supply of goods and services.

The NSW Civil Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) deals with consumer claims within the jurisdictional limit of $40,000 or under.

If a consumer claim is greater than the $40,000 NCAT monetary limit, the NSW Courts take over the jurisdiction.

The amount claimed will impact the NSW Court your proceedings are to be commenced in.

NCAT is a forum in which consumers can appear and represent themselves. NCAT was developed to be a cost effective and efficient manner for consumers to have their grievances heard and decided with manufactures and/or suppliers of goods.

NCAT will hear applications in relation to motor vehicles used for private purposes. The jurisdictional limit of $40,000 will not apply to these claims.

The Australian Consumer Law provides statutory obligations to manufacturers and service providers to ensure that the product and/or service is free of major and/or minor defects and are what they are marketed to be.

If a manufacturer or service provider breach their obligations under the Australian Consumer Law, it may be that as a result of their breach, you are entitled to receive compensation.

We assist our clients to identify breaches of the Australian Consumer Law, negotiating settlement with manufacturers or suppliers. If necessary we will assist in the preparation of NCAT hearings or commence and litigate legal proceedings in the NSW Court system.