Contractual disputes are one of the most common disputes in the commercial and business sector. The purpose of a contract is for the parties to agree on the terms which will govern their business relationship.

When entering into a contract specific obligations/terms are agreed to and placed on each contracting party. A breach of a term of a contract can give rise to a variety of legal actions and/or an opportunity for the disadvantaged party to break free of the contract.

Contract disputes can arise due to a number of factors, some of which include, differing interpretations of the terms of the contract, a party breaching a key term under the contract or a party’s desire to terminate the contract.

Unclear contractual terms and/or a breach of a term of the contract can result in costly and unpleasant disputes between the parties.  Such disputes should be addressed in a time-efficient manner.

If a contract dispute arises, it is imperative that you have an expert review the contract and advise you on all of your rights under the contract, the ramifications of the breach and any compensation you may entitled to as a result of the breach.

The team at Antunes Lawyers specialise in all varieties of contract disputes, ranging across all sizes of businesses and aim to have all disputes negotiated and settled in the most cost-effective and time-efficient way.

We at Antunes have experience in a variety of recovery options such as the drafting of statutory demands, drafting and commence legal proceedings, negotiating settlements with the aim of obtaining a cost-effective resolution of the dispute.

Should the matter not settle and a negotiated outcome cannot be reached, Antunes Lawyers have experience in commencing and litigating Court proceedings, across all Court jurisdictions.

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