Unrecovered debt can have a significant impact on the success of any business or an individual’s cash flow. We understand the need to recover debt as quickly as possible and recognise that chasing down debtors can be extremely time consuming and can detract valuable time and resources from business activities. Our debt recovery process seeks to effectively recover payments owed to our clients in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Before any legal action is taken, our team attempts to undertake less adversarial measures, such as issuing a letter of demand. From our experience, our firm’s letterhead carries significant weight and can achieve fast results as debtors often react quickly to prevent further action being taken against them.

However, if recovering your outstanding debt extends beyond issuing a letter of demand we are able to progress your debt recovery through our unique and automated debt recovery facility. Depending on whether the money is owed to you by an individual or a company and the amount owed, our team can assist with enforcing payment by serving a statutory demand or commencing legal proceedings. Having an experienced lawyer prepare a statutory demand or statement of claim is important as there are strict requirements which must be adhered to and there is little room for error. Failure to comply with the rules and correctly prepare these forms can be costly.

The debt recovery process can be lengthy and at times, complicated so it is essential to obtain accurate and strategic advice from the outset to avoid further delays. Engaging one of our specialist lawyers to assist with your debt recovery is an important step in successfully achieving repayment.

Our knowledgeable debt recovery and insolvency team have extensive experience in assisting clients with recovering outstanding debts and have had widespread success in being able to do so without the need to go to Court. We recognise that all matters are different and are able to tailor our debt recovery strategy to your circumstances.

Should a matter evolve into active Court proceedings our experience in Local Court matters through to Supreme Court matters will guide you through the process in a strategic and cost-effective manner.

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