How many times has it happened to you or to someone you know: you think you are insured, until you have a claim and then you are not insured anymore and the Insurance Company will not pay.

It happens regularly after major natural disasters such as floods or bushfires and there is much publicity about that.

An Insurance Contract is not just formed by filling in an online form or making a phone call to the Insurance Company. You need to know what you can and cannot claim for and when and how you can recover a payment. You also need to ensure that you have provided the insurance company with everything they need to know to be able to properly assess the risk that your proposal poses to them.

Often people come to lawyers after the insurance company has refused to pay on a claim. This is valid. Sometimes it is preferable to examine the proposed contract of insurance before one enters into it and pays the premium. Even if the insurance company refuses to pay, our experienced lawyers can look over the insurance contract and provide you with advice as to whether the decision by the insurance company to deny liability can be challenged and what your prospects are.

We can also assist by making submissions to the insurance companies as to why they should pay the claim, disabuse them of notions that may have led them to deny the claim and negotiate with them to pay the claim, part of the claim or make an ex gratia payment for reasons which would justify them in doing so.

Our advice: do not accept a denial of liability or a refusal to pay or to insure or to re- insure without first checking with our experienced lawyers.

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