Many occupations and some recreational activities require a license to operate. Getting a license, and keeping it, can make the difference between being employed in a good occupation or being unemployable.

Typical licensees include;

  • Building Contractors and Tradespersons
  • Tow truck and taxi operators and drivers
  • All professionals
  • NDIS providers

There is always an authority or ‘gatekeeper’ who grants a licence and who has the power to take it away, or to put restrictions or conditions on it.  Any issue with a licensing authority can potentially cost you significantly, so if something is threatening your licence or if it has been taken away and you wish to appeal the decision, do not let yourself be pushed around.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with all types of authorities and we can provide you with valuable insights into the way the authorities think and operate so that they are not unnecessarily aligned against you. We can negotiate with them on your behalf or challenge their powers and appeal their decisions.

If you have any reason to be concerned about your licence to operate, contact our lawyers and we will put you on the right track to help you maintain something very valuable to you.

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