Business ventures are created and entered into every day. It is an exciting time to witness your vision come to life and to watch it grow.

When entering into a business ventures, as with a marriage, we don’t enter with the view that it all may come to a bitter end or that the venture may fail.

Failure may be attributed to financial paralysis, changing personal circumstances, changes in vision or the desire for the ultimate control. When ventures start to take a negative turn, tensions rise and relationships start to break down between key members.

The directors and shareholders of a company are the individuals who uphold the business. Disputes between directors and shareholders can significant disrupt the running of the business and can be detrimental to the company.

Directors and Shareholders have a wide variety of duties and obligations which are governed by the statutory provisions in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

Shareholder disputes are very common and in many circumstances, the best option may be for one of the parties to be bought out of the company. Negotiated settlements will need to take place to determine the terms upon which the exiting party will leave the business.

In other circumstances it may be that legal proceedings are required to assist the parties in deciding which party is to be bought out, to have the improper conduct of one of the parties addressed or to urgently approach the Court to have injunctive relief granted against a party to protect the interests of the company.

When a shareholder dispute arises, it is imperative that the issues are addressed in an effective and efficient manner to avoid the costly and time consuming action of Court proceedings.

Should you wish to obtain advice on your circumstances or the conduct of one or more of your shareholders, our team have extensive experience in negotiating and litigating shareholder disputes. If the matter evolves into Court proceedings, we have been effective in many matters in the Supreme Court.

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