Are you an innovator or inventor? If you are and have created something new and want to protect and commercially exploit that invention or innovation you may need to patent the idea or product to protect it.

Our IP Lawyers assist clients patent their inventions to ensure others are prevented from making, selling, using, importing or keeping it for any other purpose without your consent as the owner of the patent.

A patent can be granted to:

  • the inventor;
  • a person who has been given the rights to the invention by the inventor; or
  • a company or organisation that has created the invention.

IP Australia controls the registered patent system.

Any basic patent application should include:

  • specifications;
  • drawings;
  • descriptions; and
  • any claims regarding your invention.

Our team of IP lawyers work with clients throughout the patent application process to ensure that all registration requirements are met, and the necessary criteria satisfied to expedite the IP Australia registration process.

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