A trade mark is a sign, logo or mark used or intended to be used in the course of business to distinguish products, goods or services by an individual from the products, goods or services of another.

A registered trade mark is a form of personal property and gives the holder rights that are enforceable in the same way as rights in any other personal property.

Antunes lawyers experienced intellectual property lawyers assist clients with general trade mark advice relevant to their businesses commercial needs, registrations and disputes. Our team of lawyers help clients understand that any successful business must adopt a holistic and commercial strategy incorporating the registration and enforcement of intellectual property rights into the overall business model.

Our experienced team of intellectual property lawyers have:

  • Worked with clients to adopt effective brand, product and trade mark protection through registration of all intellectual property rights.
  • Conducted IP audits, due diligence and reporting for business sales, mergers and acquisitions and corporate restructures.
  • Enforced, defended and challenged intellectual property rights through Federal Court litigation, preparing cease and desist letters, and alternative dispute resolution.
  • Attended to trade mark registrations and assisted clients investigate the availability of trade marks for use and registration in Australia and internationally via the Madrid protocol and through direct registrations in other countries.
  • Assisted clients commercialise their intellectual property and trade marks through licensing, assigning sponsorships and joint ventures.
  • Provided strategic advice to clients regarding intellectual property rights and trade mark management.
  • Filed and prosecuted trade mark applications before the Australian Trade Marks Office, IP Australia and via the Madrid Protocol.
  • Assisted businesses who have found themselves in instances of infringement, and advised on the appropriate action to be taken based on the circumstances.

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