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Striving for excellence since 1986.

Antunes Lawyers was established by Margaret Antunes in 1986 driven by a vision to be a law firm which strove for excellence with a client-centric focus, aimed at delivering innovative solutions and quality legal services. Now with over 25 staff and managed by 2 partners, Margaret Antunes and Tim Arvanitis, Antunes Lawyers continues to deliver the highest quality legal services and client support in all facets of the firm.

Over the last 40 years, Antunes Lawyers has successfully delivered expert advice, guidance and care to a wide range of clients across a number of different industries, ensuring that they experience an efficient and effective outcome achieving both legal and commercial objectives.

Our partners and senior team have accumulated more than 100 years of practical experience. This extensive legal and commercial experience enables our firm to offer legal services across a broad range of practice areas.

We provide legal services to clients across different industries, consisting of multinational and international corporations, financial organisations, private companies and individuals, SMEs and publicly listed companies.

Our hard working and dedicated team has contributed to the growth and development of the firm and helped establish our reputation, which is founded on our transparency, timeliness, practical and strategic approach, diversity of expertise and client-centric focus.

Across the full spectrum of transactional and dispute related matters in our broad range of practice areas, we strive to achieve excellence for our clients, and deliver outcomes which meet their legal and commercial objectives.

Our Approach


  • We take pride in providing a responsive and reliable service, identifying and understanding the importance of timeliness and urgency
  • Providing ready access to our team to respond and attend to any request and assist at all stages of the matter


  • Advising and guiding our clients to make the right decision for their business
  • Providing technical and strategic advice aimed at achieving commercial and legal objectives of our clients


  • Our team is committed to providing our client with legal services within efficient and mutually agreeable timeframes
  • Working with our clients to understand their personal and commercial requirements to deliver practical and efficient outcomes


  • Fixed fee price models based on the scope of our client’s instructions to provide cost certainty
  • We offer transparency about our costs and remove any elements of uncertainty to ensure our client’s needs are met within their budget

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