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A purchase or sale of a property will be amongst the most major financial decisions you will make.

This is not just a transaction. This is a major time in anyone’s life..

We advise and assist with negotiation to purchase or sell, auction strategy, pre-auction strategy and all other aspects of the purchase or sale. Our team of specialist property lawyers provide full advice and guidance throughout the journey which is very valuable to assist in securing the purchaser or the property and the conduct and completion of the matter.

Our team of experienced property lawyers have over 120 years of combined experience and knowledge, and also strategically assist clients on how to most effectively structure the purchase, who should be the purchaser, how the borrowing should be structured, taxation, stamp duty, land tax and GST issues to make the acquisition the best it can be.

There is no property transaction or issue that can arise that we are no equipped to expertly deal with. There is no transaction too large or too small.

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