We assist our clients in all aspects of leasing.

We provide “front end” transactional services, which includes reviewing, advising, negotiating and drafting:

  • Agreements for Lease.
  • Commercial Leases.
  • Retail Leases.
  • Residential Tenancy Agreements.
  • Variation of Leases.
  • Surrender of Leases.
  • Assignment of Leases.
  • Subleases.
  • Fitout and Incentive Deeds.
  • Licence Agreements, including car parks, storage, signage and telecommunications.

Our services also extend to “back-end”, dispute related services, including:

  • Breach of leases, including right to enter and take possession or commence proceedings.
  • Rent review disputes, including market rent review.
  • Bank guarantee and security deposit disputes.
  • Make good requirements.
  • Resumption and demolition right disputes.
  • Repair obligations.

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