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Carefully considered Trust and Corporate Structures may provide for significant asset protection and tax advantages.

Active or inactive asset investments have different pros and cons that need to be considered by an expert when determining which investment vehicle should be used. Our team of expert trust lawyers work closely with clients to understand their commercial and legal objectives, and the purpose of the investment to provide outcome driven advice incorporating trust entities to achieve tax-effective corporate structures.

From an asset protection perspective, assets of a trust are protected in circumstances where an individual goes bankrupt. Assets held in trust entities do not form part of the estate of the bankrupt for bankruptcy purposes. The interest a bankrupt has in the trust is not a proprietary interest, and for this reason it does not vest in the trustee in bankruptcy.

Our expert trust lawyers assist and advise clients on appropriately structuring their trusts to achieve asset protection from creditors, where personal and corporate insolvency is a matter of concern. Asset protection is a question of degree, and a number of relevant circumstances need to be carefully assessed before determining the best structure of any investment vehicle.

Our team of expert trust lawyers have assisted individuals and businesses strategically structure their investments and business operations to achieve significant tax advantages, capitalising on the ability to income split (amongst other things), and asset protection for themselves and their successors.

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